Over the years Etchcraft’s zinc products have earned a reputation as high quality signage.

The clean etched lines of zinc make it an excellent product for applications for:

ADA signage, hotel room numbers, dedication plaques, awards, architectural signage and more.

Zinc signs  be tinted bronze, copper, antiqued, or steel.

Using Mathew’s paint system ECI can custom match colors or allow you to select color from the catalogue.

Signage can be raised or recessed copy depending on the need.

Etchcraft’s art staff can even convert a photo into a quality portrait sign.

Zinc signs can be made to fit almost any application while providing the durability and aesthetics of metal.

ECI offers a full spectrum of deep etched zinc signage.

Signage options range in thickness as well as size.

Please reference the signage size chart below to see the maximum size options available.


18 X 24 20 X24 24 X 36 25 X 38
.032 •••
.064 ••• ••• ••• •••
.125 ••• ••• •••
.153 ••• ••• •••