Industrial nameplates are important to provide information and brand identification.  Etchcraft’s durable zinc industrial nameplates identify your product as quality while providing the information you need to convey. Zinc industrial nameplates are the perfect option for a variety of applications. From brand identification to important machinery data plates Etchcraft’s industrial nameplates are made to fit your need.

  • Panels: ECI offers a full spectrum of control panel signage. Zinc panels offer superior performance. The durable metal panel can be formatted in raised or recessed print to ensure that important information is there when you need it. Zinc panels do not fade or peal the way other products do making zinc panels an excellent application to make your product information last.

Zinc signage:

Over the years Etchcraft’s zinc products have earned a reputation as high quality signage. The clean etched lines of zinc make it an excellent product for applications for: ADA signage, hotel room numbers, dedication plaques, awards, architectural signage and more.

Zinc signs can tinted bronze, copper, antiqued, or steel. Using Mathew’s paint system ECI can custom match colors or allow you to select color from the catalogue. Signage can be raised or recessed copy depending on the need. Etchcraft’s art staff can even convert a photo into a quality portrait sign. Zinc signs can be made to fit almost any application while providing the durability and aesthetics of metal. ECI offers a full spectrum of deep etched zinc signage. Signage options range in thickness as well as size. Please reference the signage size chart below to see the maximum size options available.

18 X 24 20 X24 24 X 36 25 X 38
.032 ••• •••
.064 ••• ••• ••• •••
.125 ••• ••• ••• •••
.153 ••• ••• •••


ECI offers polymer products produced by both NOVA as well as JET. Signs are available with both raised and recessed copy. Mathew’s paint system provides every polymer sign with the clean durable finish you expect from an ECI product. Polymer signage meets ADA specifications as well as offering the perfect finish to your building or product. Polymer signage can be finished with glazed glass appearance, mat, gloss, satin or custom designs. ECI offers polymer signage in a variety of thicknesses; see the table below for a listing. The maximum polymer sign size is 19 X 25.


PT 060
PT 118
PT 236
YA 125 (Aluminum)


288 INT
388 INT
388 EXT

Screen printed signs:

Etchcraft offers screen printed signage on Acrylic, Aluminum, and PETG. Some applications call for added color and dimension screen printing can supply.  Etchcraft’s signage professionals create excellent screen printed signs no matter the application. ECI uses Nazdar inks and Mathew’s paint system to every sign look just the way it should, professional and clean. Contact ECI with your screen print requirements for information on size options for screen printed products.